Documents Required

Lenders will require evidence of who you are, what you earn, what you have and what you owe.
This can be given by providing some or all of the documents below:
Please read the Privacy Statement and Credit Guide (attached below) prior to sending in any documents.
  • *Drivers Licence
  • *Passport
  • *Copy of Birth Certificate
  • *Medicare Card
  • *Copy of 3 most recent Payslips
  • *Copy of last 2 years Group Certificates
  • *Copies of last 6 months Bank Statements showing savings
  • *Copies of last 12 months Bank Statements for all current Loan Accounts
  • *Copy of most recent Credit Card/Store Account Statements
  • *Copy of statement showing other investments (Shares, Debentures, etc.)
  • *Copy of Centrelink Statement of Benefits
  • *Evidence of assets (Rego Slips, Rates Notices etc.)
  • Further documentation maybe be required depending on the Lender and your circumstances.

Taking out a mortgage is both an exciting and serious financial commitment. There are a number of factors which you should consider before deciding to apply for a mortgage loan. This Guide highlights some of those factors.
Conversation Guide

Credit Guide and Privacy Statement
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